The Importance of Adventures

December 14, 2016

Hey everyone!


I decided to start a blog to get my thoughts out on the world, talk about photography and share this part of my life with everyone. This first post will discuss the importance of adventures (as the title states).


Living in Detroit is an adventure in itself, especially for me being from the other side of the state. When I first moved here in 2009, I had no clue what to think. I had heard the only thing anyone else had heard, Detroit is the most dangerous city to be in. And I was happy to find out that wasn't completely true. I lived in Midtown while attending Wayne State and the greater downtown area was too empty to be dangerous. That made it easy for me and other kids to do what was very popular at the time, exploring the urban decay. 

Detroit was a prime city for exploring abandoned buildings. It was a goldmine considering some of these were grand, historic buildings such as the Packard Plant and Michigan Central Station. And the feeling of going through these places was quite indescribable. It was a way to live on the edge. And I had and witnessed an incredible amount of cool moments and scenes that I never would have stumbled upon if I played it safe. It absolutely created some of the best moments of my life. But then school and life got serious and I lost that sense of adventure.


Fast forward to 2016 I decided to step into the world of photography. I would look all over the internet at cool shots that people would get, and I wanted that.That inspired me and got me to start wandering all over the city again. It's cool to know all of the popular spots but some of the best pictures I've taken came from the most random spots I found due to going on adventures. Not only is it cool to have that feeling back from when I be running around bandos in 2009, I get to capture and make art of these amazing moments and scenes. It also help that the city has grown a lot since 2009 and adds to the aesthetic of photography in Detroit. 


The point is, whenever you can, wherever you are, get out and explore your surroundings. You never know what you can find.

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I am a Detroit based photographer whose works spans from working with many different brands in sports and fashion to working with music artists and social media projects. After making my first magazine placement in 2018, I decided to finally go full time and study great portraiture and editorial work to see how far my work can take me. Welcome to the world of Dionta Jones Photography!