I am thankful.

Thankful that I have the chance to pursue a passion that changed the way I view the world. Thankful that I had a chance to go from a dreamer to creating dreams. And thankful that I picked up a camera to allow me to do it.

I travelled a lot as a kid and always wanted to capture some of the amazing sights and that sparked my interest in photography. After a few years in college I began to study the craft from the ground up.

Growing up, I was raised to step away from the crown and that unique factor shows in my photography. My work is about telling stories and conveying a feeling. I also put a high emphasis on not only quality work but great professionalism as well.

I like to work with a wide range of people and I am always looking for new projects so if you would like to work with me, you can reach me here.

© 2018 Dionta Jones

I am a Detroit based photographer whose works spans from working with many different brands in sports and fashion to working with music artists and social media projects. After making my first magazine placement in 2018, I decided to finally go full time and study great portraiture and editorial work to see how far my work can take me. Welcome to the world of Dionta Jones Photography!